Afghan Resistance has hit the aggressors hard again!
Long live Afghan people’s heroic Resistance!

sabato 27 dicembre 2008.

2008, August 22nd Statement

More and more killed soldiers among the mercenaries the Authorities of imperialist countries send to Afghanistan!

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Afghan Resistance has hit the aggressors hard again!
Long live Afghan people’s heroic Resistance!
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The Papal Court and the criminals who govern us are slaughterers of oppressed peoples, corrupters and murderers of our fellow countrymen!


Afghan people fights a just war against the aggressors, the occupiers and their puppets and collaborationists!


Afghan people’s Resistance against imperialist and Zionist aggressors, strengthens the popular masses of imperialist countries too, who fight against exploitation, who defend their civilization and welfare attainments, who fight to establish the socialism!


Popular masses of imperialist countries’ struggle against the bourgeoisie and its governments strengthens oppressed peoples’ resistance!


On Monday August 18th, in a firefight about fifty kilometres from the capital Kabul, Afghan Resistance’s forces have put at one blow out of action 31 French soldiers of the occupying forces: 10 dead and 21 wounded. Before such a serious blow, French authorities have not been able to hush all up, they have fallen prey to the panic, the soldiers’ families protest and Sarkozy government had to promise a parliamentary debate on “French government’s Afghan policy” for September 22nd .

In the two following days Afghan Resistance eliminated, in further fights, at least other 8 occupying forces’ members, but the occupation headquarters has denied, as often it does, to provide the press with the particulars and the nationality of the fallen. The aggressors try not to alarm the public opinion of respective countries and not to strengthen the people’s opposition to the imperialist expedition occupying and pillaging Afghanistan since autumn of 2001: at that time USA imperialists and their satellite states gave as pretexts for the aggression the attack to the Twin Towers in New York (September 11th 2001), officially waged by “Islamic fundamentalists” mostly coming from Saudi Arabia, and the contemporary Afghan government’s “barbarity”.

Afghan Resistance’s forces more and more sturdily oppose the occupation and the puppet authorities set up by USA imperialists and by Zionists. In the whole Afghanistan the Resistance gets by now stronger day by day.

The occupying forces already amount to over 70.000 men in arms, besides the logistic and spying assistance and the NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations: they are called this way without sense of ridiculous!). The aggressors haven’t got enough, yet: they need even more troops. The occupying armed forces are supplied by over 40 countries and effectively put under USA and Israeli (Zionist) orders, even if, to keep internationally up (at UNO and NATO) appearances, periodically, as a matter of form, a NATO countries’ general is appointed as commander. They are armed to the teeth with the most modern weaponry. They take advantage of the support of aircraft and gunships which don’t hesitate before bombing “whatever moves” to crush the Resistance: although they try to play down the massacres, Afghan civilians fallen are exposed almost every day. The occupying forces benefit besides from satellite assistance for espionage, liaison and logistics. The puppet authorities (Hamid Karzai government, its retinue and its mercenary armies of dozens of thousands of men) are without limit provided with money, weaponry and equipment. But the forces of the Resistance, in the face of all that, attack by now in a sizeable portion of the country. They hit the occupiers, the collaborators and the puppet troops even in the capital Kabul. Despite the firepower, the money, the means of intimidation, pressure and bribery the occupiers benefit from, despite the cruelty and the massacres they have for seven years been giving daily proof, at this point it appears that imperialists won’t succeed in crushing the Resistance. Each day goes occupiers’ morale worsens and Resistance forces’ confidence and daring rise.

The aggression and the plunder of Afghanistan are one of the hottest and most important fronts of the undeclared extermination war that imperialist bourgeoisie wages against popular masses in every corner of the world, directed by USA imperialists and by Zionists. But Afghan Resistance has by now become an important component of the front of the forces which from end to end of the earth resist the aggression, the plunder and the massacres carried out by the imperialists and by the reactionaries led by USA imperialists and by Zionists, with consent, acquiescence, blessing and assistance of the Papal Court of Rome. The heads of the Catholic Church, in defiance of many believers, are these last few years behaving to USA imperialists and to the Zionists the same cowardly and hypocritical way their predecessors did to Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s fascists: giving effective assistance and paying attention not to openly get involved beyond certain limits, to share the loot in until there is any and to prepare themselves to take the succession when it will go ill with the aggressors. The Vatican and the Papal Court remain consistent with their reactionary nature, but they are out in their reckonings this time: communist movement has learned its lesson.


Aggression and occupation forces every day receive in Afghanistan severer strokes. Although they try to minimize their casualties making savagely use of air power and bombing (the Resistance doesn’t have missiles and an effective antiaircraft defence, yet), officially the fallen among occupying forces are already about a thousand. The sensation caused in France by the casualties of last Monday is an exceptional event, due to the seriousness of the casualties suffered at one blow and to the particularity of the French world of politics: given the large number of fallen, French authorities aim to exploit the dead to promote population’s pride and cohesion around home authorities and to embarrass the opponents. Normally, especially in the countries whose authorities don’t have fanciful ambition to pursue an independent imperialist policy from USA and Zionists, the families of fallen or wounded soldiers are silenced and blackmailed: if they keep silent, they will get compensation and privileges (jobs, pensions, scholarships, etc.). If they are publicly in mourning and talk with the press, the authorities threaten sanctions. So among the killed soldiers of last days or among those who the Resistance puts regularly out of action, maybe there were some Italians too, which officially it isn’t talked about.


The governments of Italian bourgeoisie, blessed and hallowed by the Papal Court, have been actually taking part in the aggression since 2001. The new Berlusconi government has even promised USA imperialists to increase the participation. Italian government like other satellite governments of USA and of Zionists, gives them a helping hand in Afghanistan too and uses it to train a part of the young people to the brutality and the to war, and as a ground of practice for its armed forces, for new weaponry and for new schemes of operation. About that too Prodi governments and Berlusconi ones has come to the same thing. Approximately 2.500 Italian soldiers fight in Afghanistan, in defiance of Italian Constitution officially and hypocritically still in force, which forbids resorting to war as a means to settle international disputes. Italian Authorities have up to now officially admitted just 12 dead. The wounded are an indefinite number.

The racists, fascists, capitalists, profiteers, speculators, chancers, criminals, clericals and mafiosi that govern our country get Afghan population and brave and glorious Afghan Resistance fighters massacred with the same cynicism they train thousands of young Italians to the crime, to the brutishness and to kill for money, and send them to death. It is the same cynicism they consider the rest of the population with.

Who cares, among the delinquents who govern us and their priests, about the dead? They are used to considering the mass of population as workmen to exploit and taxpayers to soak. They send to die Italian soldiers with the same cynicism they massacre the civilian population and the fighters of the assaulted countries, that may be in Afghanistan, in Palestine or in Iraq: they pay them and by that they think to have put off any responsibility. It is the same cynicism with which they drown into the sea the proletarians they compel to emigrate with their enterprises of exploitation and export of capitals, the same cynicism with which they cut down the pension to the elderly, keep young people within the precariousness, make life bitter and impossible for so great a part of the population, exploit workmen till death, reduce a part of the population to redundant workers, cut down on financing to scientific research, public health service and education, devastate and pollute the environment, dispose of the waste poisoning air, water and earth.


The communists, the advanced workmen and the genuine democrats have to mobilize and to oppose such a barbarity!


Let’s put an end to the conniving blackout, to the discretion with which the gang of racists, fascists, capitalists, profiteers, speculators, chancers, criminals, clericals and mafiosi that govern our country shrouds its criminal adventure abroad, the massacres and the plunder that gets carried out, the killed soldiers and the wounded who silently repatriates!


On the pretext of “war against terrorism”, the imperialists are perpetrating in various countries massacres and plunder. The armed reply of the popular masses of oppressed countries is more than legitimate. Every honest person who truly desires the war end, has to support their reply and to hope it get stronger and stronger, more and more effective and decisive: till to smash occupying forces and to drive the occupiers. Only this way the massacre can stop. Only this way new massacres will be avoided. Only aggressors’ defeat will take to a peace worthy of men.

The spreading and the worsening of aggression wars against oppressed countries are the fruit of bourgeoisie’s attempt to prop up its social system, prey to its second general crisis for absolute overproduction of capital. The capitalist social system and its international relations system don’t hold up any more.


The subjugation and exploitation of the former colonial countries are no more enough for the capitalists’ thirst for profit. The confrontation among imperialist groups to share out world exploitation grows acuter and acuter, it involves and upsets popular masses’ existence in every corner of the earth. USA government has by now settled in numerous countries in all continents. It has extended the network of its espionage, surveillance, police, political and military agencies in most countries of the world and makes a thousand efforts to still further extend and consolidate it. It tries to reduce all countries to the standing of USA protectorates. But the interventions and the pushiness of USA government arouse growing reluctance even among the allies, the henchmen and the servants of USA imperialists. The promised or dangled loot before their eyes with the aggressions, also when there is some, it doesn’t satisfy the imperialist bandits, it is not equal to the need of increase in value of their capital. The military outcomes of aggressions are more and more scarce, doubtful, precarious. The resistance of assaulted countries grows stronger, as the hatred for USA imperialists and for their henchmen does in an increasing number of countries which the threat of aggression is hanging over.


The military successes of Afghan Resistance fighter don’t favour only Afghan popular masses. They also help the workers, the workmen and the popular masses of imperialist countries, Italian ones as well. Each stroke suffered in the occupied countries by the imperialists, weakens imperialist bourgeoisie and so it weakens the imperialist bourgeoisie of our country as well. The worse the piracies of Italian capitalists go off, the better for Italian workmen.

But if Italian capitalists don’t make money, even if by their piracies, how will they pay the workmen in their employment? Won’t their loss of earnings be source of new dismissals, restructurings, outsourcing, price rise, etc.?

No! It doesn’t work this way. Never like these last few years the capitalists have accumulated so much wealth and inflated their wallets. And yet the wallets of the proletarians are emptier and emptier, unemployed people and temporary workers increase every month, the speculators lay down the law, the high cost of living grows every week worse, services are dismantled, environment is devastated.

No, it doesn’t work this way! It is true that capitalist system is in crisis. But its crisis is not due to the want of money, to the shortage of raw materials, to the lack of means of production, of energy, of technology, of resources, of knowledge, of workforce. All that aplenty exists in the world, there is enough of it to assure all inhabitants of our planet of a more than decorous life. The crisis of capitalist system is because the capitalists don’t employ in productive activity the whole capital they have accumulated the past years, because if they invested it whole they would make an equal profit or even below the one they make investing just a part of it. It is a crisis for absolute overproduction of capital. What prevents mankind from benefiting from what the working class worldwide already today produces, it’s only the capitalist system, based on the profit. The production of material and spiritual conditions of existence, in the capitalist system is a function of capital accumulation, of capitalists’ profit. If it doesn’t yield profit, it is not even set in motion.

The more successes the imperialists will obtain in their attempts to subdue the peoples of assaulted countries, the more they will carry on with the outsourcing, the better they will be able to blackmail workmen of imperialist countries, the lower they will be able to hold the wages of their personnel. The worse will be the conditions of popular masses of assaulted countries, the more intense will be their migration towards imperialist countries and, for this other aspect too, even more liable to be blackmailed will be imperialist countries’ workmen and popular masses who will have to compete for wages, working and living conditions, standard of services with immigrants who live in pitiable conditions, willing to do anything for next to nothing.

The worse go capitalists’ business in the assaulted countries, the weaker they will be, back home too, the easier it will be to get the better of them. The less they will be able to outsource, to privatize, to subject cheap labour. When master is strong worker is weak. When worker is strong master is weak.


And then again, the oppressed peoples’ heroic example proves before popular masses, workmen and workers of the whole world that it is possible to resist the strongest imperialist armies too, that imperialist bourgeoisie is not all-powerful, that popular masses can win before many imperialist States’ aggression too: as they in the past have done in Soviet Union, in China, in Vietnam, in Cuba. It is the demonstration that the threat, too, that Italian revisionists themselves, led by Togliatti, feared at the conclusion of World War II, of an USA intervention against Italian Communist Party which could move the working class to come to power and to make Italy a new socialist country, was a threat inflated in order to discourage the working class and the communists, fruit of the lack of confidence in the strength and in the possibility of victory of working class and popular masses.

The assaulted peoples’ heroic resistance and successes, on the contrary, show the popular masses that there is no aggressor and exploiter who could overcome a people united and determined to break free of exploitation and of poverty which the masters impose. The assaulted peoples’ resistance is a confidence booster to popular masses of the whole world!

It is in the interest of popular masses of the whole world that imperialists fail, that their military missions are defeated, that they suffer defeats in their unjust war. It is in the interest of popular masses of the whole world that oppressed peoples, particularly Arab and Moslem ones today, win the just war they are fighting against imperialist aggressors. All conscious workmen and genuine democrats must support their fight.


The solution to the problems of popular masses of the whole world will come from the successes of the struggles they in a more and more effective way carry increasingly out against the bourgeoisie, from the more and more advanced leadership which will emerge from these struggles. The definitive solution to popular masses’ problems will effectively come from communist movement’s renewal and from proletarian revolution second wave advancing worldwide. The new communist movement is rising again on a more advanced level, confident of a correct stocktaking of proletarian revolution first wave, able to overcome the shortcomings which have brought to the withdrawal of the socialist field and to the collapse of first socialist countries, having learned by the mistakes made, in a world in which the popular masses have experienced both the conditions of poverty and war to which the capitalist system and the direction of bourgeoisie lead them, and the power of their forces united in the construction of a planned society, directed by the working class and by its communist party.

The new communist parties being born, put a correct stocktaking of proletarian revolution first wave and of first socialist countries to good use, they are provided with a correct analysis, line and working method, they are based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. They will direct the working class of their countries in the protracted revolutionary people’s war till to snatch the power from bourgeoisie’s grasp, till to turn the reactionary mobilization the bourgeoisie sets off in every corner of the world into revolutionary mobilization, till to carry the very armies, too, mobilized by the imperialist bourgeoisie and to direct them against it. The proletarian revolution first wave has a lot to teach us, from this point of view too.

The construction of new socialist countries and of a new socialist field, will put an end to the arrogance and the domineering attitude of the imperialists and will frustrate their plans to build a new world order based on class exploitation, on the luxury and on the pomp of the few behind the many, on the devastation of our planet.

The proletarian revolution new wave will put an end to the imperialist war and will throw the present ruling class in the bin of history.


Every communist party of imperialist countries has to set among its objectives to also mobilize the popular masses of its own country in support of the popular masses of oppressed  countries and in support of the anti-imperialist fighters of Afghanistan, of Iraq, of Lebanon, of Palestine, of the other countries where the resistance asserts itself. It has to illustrate to the working class and to the other classes of popular masses the role of these fighters and the importance of their successes as a way to the weakening of common enemy: the imperialist bourgeoisie. The support and the unity  with oppressed peoples is a fundamental component of revolutionary forces’ build-up, in the strategy of the protracted revolutionary people’s war.

Every renewing communist party has to adopt a correct strategy to take the lead of the working class of its own country to lead it to victory. The (new)Italian Communist Party clearly explains in its Manifesto Program that the protracted revolutionary people’s war is the strategy of socialist revolution in our country too, as in every oppressed country and in every imperialist one.


By a correct orientation and a correct line, every victory becomes possible!


Let’s more and more deeply unite to peoples that from end to end of the world are resisting the undeclared extermination war perpetrated by imperialist bourgeoisie and by the other reactionary forces!


The imperialist bourgeoisie foments and gears the civil war in our country too, it already wages today an undeclared extermination war against popular masses: it will be the victim of the war it furthers itself!

We communists are against the civil war the imperialist bourgeoisie will set off in imperialist countries too, but we don’t fear it and we prepare ourselves to fight and to win it!


Support with vigour and by all means the oppressed peoples’ resistance against imperialist aggressors!


Each victory of the oppressed peoples against their aggressors is a victory of the popular masses of the whole world.


The communist movement has to take the lead of oppressed peoples’ resistance and of the resistance the popular masses of imperialist countries oppose the imperialist governments and the masters of their countries with.


The struggle to make Italy a new socialist country is the necessary context so that the political awareness and the organization of native and immigrated people’s masses of Italy grow in large and their struggle for the attainments’ defence and widening and for a respectable and secure job for everybody, their resistance to the progression of the crisis, their struggle against the high cost of living, against speculators and against the Papal Court and the other Authorities that support them, against the fascist and racist activity of fascist action squads members and against the Criminal Organizations, for civilization and welfare develop strongly and successfully!


Let the most advanced workmen, women, young people enlist in the ranks of communist Party, of the organisms of the resistance and of the mass organizations and contribute to the communist movement’s renewal!


Strengthen the central clandestine structure of (new)Italian Communist Party, multiply the number of the clandestine Party Committees and improve their running, develop the work on the four fronts pointed out in the Work General Plan!


Build in every firm, habitation zone, mass organization a clandestine committee of the (new)Italian Communist Party!